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Alberto Cebollero Trio opens for Gregory Porter


The Alberto Cebollero Trio was greeted to a standing ovation in advance of Gregory Porter's headline performance at the Fort Mose Jazz and Blues Series. On a beautifully lighted stage surrounded by ancient oak, the trio, featuring Jose Villalpando on bass and Stefan Klein on drums, treated listeners to a whirlwind set ranging from fiery uptempo swing to tender love ballads. Tunes like 'Sunny' called to mind Pat Martino's rendition, but with a brighter, grittier sound, while tunes like 'I Loves You Porgy' were delivered with space and grace. Closing out with Rihanna's 'Work' brought the trio's set to a frenzied climax. 

Alberto Cebollero Trio performing Jacksonville JazzFest After Dark


The Volstead is home to Jacksonville's best prohibition era cocktails. Stop by after George Benson's performance and keep swingin' with the Alberto Cebollero Trio. From Hard-bop to Hip-hop, the trio is keeping the party going all night. 

Ramona + the Riot rocks with Tank and the Bangas


Seven-piece powerhouse Ramona + the Riot took the stage by storm at the Fort Mose Jazz and Blues Series, delivering on hit after hit and sending a hush over the audience during the performance of the original song "2020" featuring Alberto Cebollero on lead guitar. Tank and the Bangas put on a stellar performance to top the night off, and afterwards took some photos with members of The Riot. 

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